xDrip+ and Nightscout integration

We have completed the integration with xDrip+ and Nightscout. This allows us to read from any continuous monitor you use with your xDrip+, like FreeStyle, Dexcom, Eversense or whatever your meter is.

This way we can turn SocialDiabetes into a follower to be able to visualize the data generated in real time and you can also use our fantastic tools such as our bolus calculator, unique in the world of non-industrial apps because we are CE and FDA certified, thus ensuring its correct functioning.

Configure xDrip+

For SocialDiabetes to receive the data from xDrip+ we must configure xDrip+ to send the data to all the apps and not only to openAPS for example, to do this we just have to open xDrip+, go to Settings, Inter-app settings, Identify receiver and write com.socialdiabetes.android.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Then we can go to SocialDiabetes and configure the option to receive the data from xDrip+

Configure Nightscout

We repeat the previous steps but we select Nightscout in other sources, it will then ask us for the address of our Nightscout page, we enter it and we will have the connection configured.

This is how we’ll see the data collected from both xDrip+ and Nightscout on the SocialDiabetes home page.

It may take a few minutes for the new option to appear while you are connecting and making your first download.

Enjoy your data and don’t let anyone decide who has control over it!

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