SocialDiabetes and MyVitale join forces to integrate in a single interface all thenecessary functionality for the integral management of Diabetes.


People living with diabetes, more than 6 million in Spain, must learn and develop self-management skills in order to adequately control their glucose levels and avoid complications and general deterioration of their health.

This lifestyle change is not only related to their pharmacological treatment and monitoring, they also have to incorporate healthy nutrition and smart physical activity planning into their lifestyle, as diabetes and in general the whole metabolic syndrome is directly conditioned by this.

All these circumstances provoke a series of feelings in the person that can be difficult to cope with and manage, negatively affecting their quality of life.

Fortunately, technology has advanced dramatically to help people living with diabetes make simple, personalized, real-time decisions to keep their diabetes under control.

In many cases these technologies offer partial or imprecise solutions, when what a patient really needs is to minimize effort, reduce stress, have all the information in one place and see how data and algorithms work their magic to make their day-to-day life easier.

Today we are closer to it: SocialDiabetes and MyVitale announce an unprecedented collaboration to integrate their products and offer patients a seamless experience.

In addition to the clinical functionality of SocialDiabetes, the nutritional management and physical exercise modules developed by MyVitale (Sendo Diabetes) are now highly personalized and specially designed for this group.

Social Diabetes has long been committed to improving the quality of life for people with diabetes by providing a comprehensive system that syncs with multiple devices and offers relevant information for decision making. The APP has recently been recognised again with the best score in the “Best in Class” category by the iSysCore foundation, after more than 10 years in the top position.

On the other hand, MyVitale has emerged as the leading comprehensive, personalized, evolutionary and intelligent health coaching system. Its nutrition and physical activity plans are an essential basis in the approach to the comprehensive treatment of metabolic disease. Its Apps and professional platform are used by health professionals and patients from different countries, reaching more than 2 million users. Sendo Diabetes is the special version for this group.

All the information handled by users for their self-management is also available in real time on the medical platform and at the disposal of the health professionals who treat these people, facilitating fluid and preventive communication between patients and the health system, also contributing to the control of health expenditure and resources.

The effects of personalized nutrition and sport programmes on health management are enhanced in this new version of SocialDiabetes+MyVitale, and make this integration an ideal solution for tackling metabolic syndrome in a comprehensive and effective way.

For further information, please contact us:

Department of Social Communication Diabetes
Lucía Feito Allonca
Tel. 666679984
E-mail: [email protected]

MyVitale Communication Department
Sandra Benegas
Tel. 948 066966
E-mail: [email protected]


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