Listen.Doctor revolutionises doctor’s visits by applying generative AI to clinical note management


SocialDiabetes, a leader in the digital transformation of healthcare, today announces the launch of “Listen.Doctor, an advanced AI-powered tool that transforms medical consultations into actionable knowledge.

Listen.Doctor, with the slogan “Transform your conversations into knowledge”, uses two of the most advanced language models to listen, transcribe, summarise and extract the key points of medical conversations in real time. This revolutionary multilingual tool accurately captures dialogue, converts it into editable text, generates a concise summary and identifies the most relevant aspects.

In the words of Maria Salido, CEO of SocialDiabetes: “Let’s put an end to the low-value work of health professionals. We can’t afford it. Technology has digitalised processes, but it is time to transform them and free humans from superfluous work. At SocialDiabetes we have always been motivated by the same thing, to improve medical care and save time and costs. Listen.Doctor is the next step“.

Listen.Doctor is able to discriminate content out of context and to sort the generated summary by topic. A unique feature of Listen.Doctor is its ability to integrate conversation summaries directly into the patient’s medical record.

It revolutionizes the work of healthcare professionals by reducing stress levels, providing more time for work and personal life, and enabling them to deliver higher quality care to patients. 

The efficiency and non-intrusiveness of the technology, along with its seamless integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, greatly improve their work experience, allowing them to focus on patient care without interruptions. 

SocialDiabetes is already integrated with several government interoperability platforms in Spain, which leaves the way open for future integration of this type of content at scale.

It is also possible to use the content generated from the conversation to automatically fill in clinical protocol forms established in a given health centre.

In addition, the tool can send a summary to the patient, reinforcing understanding and compliance with their treatment, leading to better-informed treatment decisions, improved communication between patients and healthcare providers, and ultimately, enhanced health outcomes.

We are harnessing the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to revolutionise the way information is documented and shared in the medical field,” explained Victor Bautista, CTO of SocialDiabetes and head of Listen.Doctor development. “By combining two of the most advanced language models, we achieve exceptional results in transcription, summarisation and extraction of key information.

Listen.Doctor, begins its pilot phase at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, and in hospital environments specialising in geriatric care. These initiatives will allow Listen.Doctor to be evaluated and its performance optimised in a real clinical environment.

“The research group I lead at Getafe Hospital has been working for years on the usefulness of new technologies and innovation in clinical management, with special emphasis on the elderly population at risk of developing disability. In geriatric care, doctor-patient communication, trust building, empathy, and continuity of care to non-clinical settings, such as the patient’s home, are more important than in any other context. Ensuring as clinicians that the patient and their companions understand the messages is of the utmost importance. With Listen.Doctor we hope to improve that care by focusing on the conversation and saving transcription time”.

Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas,
Head of the Geriatrics Service
University Hospital of Getafe

“At the Diabetes Unit of the Hospital del Mar we have been committed for years to the use of new technologies that allow us to improve the quality and efficiency of care for our patients. We have long experience of using the SocialDiabetes platform for monitoring patients with diabetes mellitus because it offers us various very useful tools to achieve our goals. The tool promises to be a new breakthrough by saving visit time spent transcribing information and ensuring that the patient has a written record of our instructions. In this way we minimise the possibility of errors in communication and spend more consultation time on what is really important”.

Dr Juana A Flores Le Roux
Head of Endocrinology and Nutrition Department
Associate Professor Pompeu Fabra University
Hospital del Mar functionality will be integrated into the SocialDiabetes remote patient management platform. will also be accessible via a standalone desktop solution.

For further information on how Listen.Doctor can transform medical practices, please visit

Contact with SocialDiabetes:

Lucía Feito [email protected]


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