Integration with Nightscout

We have completed the integration with Nightscout. This allows us to read from any continuous monitor you use with your Nightscout, be it FreeStyle, Dexcom, Eversense or whatever your meter is.

This way, we can turn SocialDiabetes into a follower to be able to visualize the data generated in real time and use our fantastic tools such as our bolus calculator, unique in the world of non-industry apps, ensuring its quality by being CE MARK and FDA certified.

Setting up Nightscout

For SocialDiabetes to receive the data from Nightscout, go to the side menu and select “Connect your device”.

Once inside “Connect your device” we go to the “Other Sources” tab and select the 🔗 link button of Nigthscout.

Once the link button 🔗 is selected, a screen will appear where it tells us to enter the url of our Nightscout web page and click on the “Connect to Nightscout” button.

Important, if you have your domain protected you must add the access token so that SocialDiabetes can view and collect your data. This token can be found in the Administration area of NightScout, under users.

Once the app checks that the url is valid, the app will notify you that everything went perfectly and you are now linked to Nightscout.

And in our “Other sources” screen we will have a visual change as we are connected to Nightscout.


Thus we will see on the SocialDiabetes home page the data collected from Nightscout.

It may take a few minutes for the new option to appear while connecting and downloading for the first time.

Enjoy your data and don’t let anyone decide who has control over it!

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