Fitbit integration


You can now collect your Fitbit device data on SocialDiabetes!

Living with diabetes demands taking action to take care of various aspects of your life, constantly and having clear goals, including those related to physical activity and exercise.

We know with scientific evidence that physical activity and exercise have a direct impact on glucose levels, generally in the reduction, although in certain conditions also on the rise; but also in more indirect ways, such as increasing insulin sensitivity (your body’s response to the action of insulin), increasing muscle mass, which is the tissue with the highest metabolic efficiency, improving mood, helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood,  among many other effects that ultimately impact diabetes control.

That said, in managing diabetes it is necessary to perform physical activity and exercise on a regular basis or as part of your daily routine, and also keep a timely record of said activity, based on the fact that diabetes is a data disease , data in relation to physical activity are also necessary and important.

Therefore, having tools that facilitate such monitoring and data recording is essential, and SocialDiabetes makes it possible, always with the aim of improving the lives of people with diabetes.

The latest of our integrations is with FITBIT, a leader in the wearable market that adds its features to our comprehensive Diabetes solution so that you have all the information in one place to take control of your life.

Here we show you the steps to follow to integrate fitbit with SD.

Step 1

Within the SocialDiabetes application go to Your Devices and once there go to Other Sources and click on the 🔗 button to start the configuration.

Step 2

Once the configuration is started, we will be asked to log in if we are not logged in and the permissions manager will be displayed.

This process is completely reversible, you decide to continue sharing your data with us or not.

Step 3

Once you have selected the permissions and given the confirmation you are done and you will start viewing your data.


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