Integration with FreeStyle

SocialDiabetes becomes your Follower to recover your FreeStyle data!

We connect as a “Follower” using LibreLinkUp, so you can be in control of the data you share and for how long you share it.

This process is completely reversible, you decide to continue sharing your data with us or not.

Follow the steps below to connect your FreeStyle with SocialDiabetes.

Step 1

Log into your SocialDiabetes app and go to the Connect your device section under the Continuous Monitors tab and link FreeStyle Libre with the 🔗 button.

Step 2

Inside the FreeStyle Libre Connection screen we copy the email, the 📄 button directly copies the email.

Step 3

Once we have copied the email, we go to the LibreLink app, open the side menu and access the Connected Applications section.

Step 4

At this point we click on the Connect button of the LibreLinkUp app.

Step 5

To make the connection we simply click on the Add Connection button and fill in the form with the data generated in Step 2 in SocialDiabetes and click on the Add button.

Step 6

Finally, go back to SocialDiabetes and click next and you are done.

Enjoy your data and don’t let anyone else decide who has control over it.


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