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SocialDiabetes is the solution to help you keep your diabetes under control and lower your HbA1c. With SocialDiabetes, managing your diabetes is easier, safer and more reliable.

SocialDiabetes includes tools such as the Bolus Calculator, Carb Calculator, Food lists and connection with your HCP, which help you to have better control over your diabetes. Everything is managed from your phone.

Home screen



On your home screen you have all the relevant information for your daily control. It includes a preview of your last log, your average blood glucose during the day, insulin units administered and remaining in the body.

If you have been consistent with your logs (3 months of daily data entered to begin with) we can estimate your HbA1c and you will be able to see it on this screen. You will also be able to view your daily, weekly and monthly averages.

Finally, you also have direct access to log a new reading, check your logs in ‘My Logbook’ or see your graphics.

New Log



New Log is SocialDiabetes’ most used feature. It is the screen where, as a user, you register daily glucose logs and you receive the insulin dose recommendations with our Bolus Calculator.


If this is the first time you log into SocialDiabetes, you will find a message in blue to log your first reading. Once this is done, the procedure will remain the same every time you want to add a new log. Start your New Log by pressing the blue ‘+’ in the centre. To learn more about the New Log functionality, you can see our tutorial in detail.


Bolus Calculator



Our bolus calculator is one of our features that will provide you with more advantages if you have Type 1 diabetes. We recommend how much insulin you should inject before a meal, by simply entering data into your phone. The bolus calculator estimates your recommended insulin dose based on your current glucose level and carbohydrates that you will consume. If you want to know more about how the Bolus Calculator works, take a look at this post.

Carb Calculator


SocialDiabetes’ carb calculator allows you to calculate the amount of carbohydrates per gram you are going to consume. Since it is connected to our food list, it is only a matter of searching for the specific food you are going to eat and you will have all the information automatically. Do you have a carb-per-meal guideline? No problem, insert the amount of carbohydrates and we will tell you how many grams you should eat.

Food list


With the food list you have the amount of carbs per serving on hand. You can choose your list according to your region, and depending on this, you will get more or less detailed information.

If you cannot find a food item, you can add your own food and have it on hand the next time you eat it. Adding new foods not only helps you, but also the rest of the people who use the app, since it helps us expand our list.

My Logbook


Forget about the paper notebook, each new reading you log will be saved in ‘My Logbook’. By having your digital notebook on your mobile you have access to your records at any time, and you can share it with anyone you need (your healthcare professional, for example).

Similar Logs


This feature allows you to check other logs that you have registered previously and which are similar to your current reading, so that if you want to see what your progress was like after that hamburger that you ate, you can check it and make more accurate decisions regarding your bolus.

Connect your Device


At SocialDiabetes we advocate giving the patient the possibility of using as many devices as you want, after all, it is your diabetes and it is you who should be able to choose what best suits your tastes and needs. This is why we connect with a growing variety of devices. If you have a Bluetooth device that is integrated with SocialDiabetes, once you connect both, the data of your readings synchronize automatically.

My Reports


With this feature, having all your data on hand will be much easier. You can download your data in whichever format is most convenient for you. Not to mention that you also have access to them from your computer to make your medical appointments easier.

Connect with your Healthcare Professional


Become a premium user and have your doctor in your pocket. In this way you can be in touch with your doctor for any emergency, questions about your treatment or adjustments to your therapy, once the healthcare professional has remote access to all your information and readings.

Connect to different devices

Do you want to take control of your loved one’s diabetes? Share the same account on several mobile phones and you can keep up to date with the records of your child, husband, wife, father or mother. You can do this easily by activating the notification permission.

Now you know how SocialDiabetes can help you manage your diabetes and keep your blood glucose levels under control. Do you want to know more about our tool and the benefits it can provide? Stay tuned to our new posts and follow us on social media to always be up-to-date!


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