How to get the most from your SmartBolusCalculator


It’s 1 p.m., you leave the office late and go to eat lunch with your colleagues. You want to eat fish and vegetables and whilst your colleagues’ order, you take advantage of the moment to discreetly inject the insulin dose that your body needs at that time.

As a regular user of SocialDiabetes, you haven’t had to think too much about it. One click and you’re ready! Another reading that is saved in your digital history, another dose recommended by your app.

What is certain is that behind this quick and apparently easy action, there is a whole system of calculations, safety measurements, and functions that make the SocialDiabetes SmartBolusCalculator a reality and allow it to recommend the most suitable insulin dose for the user at all times.

If you would like to know more about how our SmartBolusCalculator works, we have explained the main elements below.

Clinical safety

SocialDiabetes is certified as a healthcare product by the European Commission (EC – Medical Product Directive 93/42/EEC) and its development is being supervised by our Medical Advisory Team. All of this is to guarantee the maximum safety for our users.

We are also registered with the FDA and we are in the process of getting the Class IIb for Sanitary Products.


Configuring the bolus calculator is easy, but it takes a few minutes. It is important to enter detailed information on your diabetes and to do so carefully…so if you are on the metro, it may not be the best time :-)

It is also important to have the 4 basic pieces of information that constitute the treatment regimen stipulated by your healthcare professional: the glycaemic target, the sensitivity factor, the insulin-carbohydrate ratio and the amount of carbs you usually consume in each meal.

(*) For detailed information on the step-by-step setup of the bolus calculator, we have written the following article.

How it works

Once you have completed the setup, the calculation of the recommended insulin dose is done in the New Log screen.

On this screen, you will enter your blood glucose level (manually or via Bluetooth) and the amount of carbs that you are planning to eat. The app pre-loads the amount of carbs you entered during setup, but you can always edit this manually.

SocialDiabetes will then recommend the rapid insulin dose, based on those two parameters.

nuevo ControlDosis

If you accept the recommended dose, save the test and it will be recorded automatically in My logbook. If you don’t accept the recommendation, the insulin dose will appear as 0 units.

(*) The suggested dose will not be influenced by additional factors, such as physical exercise or stress, only by the values indicated in this section.


There is no restriction in terms of the use of the SmartBolusCalculator regarding the plans that we offer. This function forms part of the free SocialDiabetes plan, without any restriction of use in terms of the number of times it can be used.


The SocialDiabetes bolus calculator (SmartBolusCalculator) does not provide a clinical diagnosis, nor does it in any way replace your healthcare professional.

It is a complementary tool that helps you to manage your diabetes and does not replace medical care.

Be honest when entering the information. It is essential to ensure that the application works correctly. As a user, you are always responsible for checking the information entered at all times and of the daily control of your diabetes.

Make sure that you always have the updated version of the app on your mobile phone.

Restriction of use

The SmartBolusCalculator is not currently available in the US. We are working on improving the safety requirements and certifications in order to be able to make this feature available to the largest possible number of users.

On an individual level, this function should not be used by those that do not have sufficient knowledge of handling their diabetes and/or who have difficulty using a mobile phone.


If you have any queries or technical issues, please contact us at: [email protected]

If you are unsure about the information to be entered or about your diabetes, please consult your healthcare professional. SocialDiabetes does not report on clinical or medical issues.



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