GlucoLog Integration


We have finalized the integration with GlucoLog. This allows us to collect data directly once both platforms are linked.

Configure GlucoLog

In order for SocialDiabetes to receive the data from GlucoLog, we must enable the sending of data in the GlucoLog web platform. To do this we just have to open the GlucoLog platform, go to Settings ⚙️, Partner Connections.

Once inside Partner Connections, click on the ‘+ Add connection’ button.

In the form that has been opened, in the Partner field, select the SocialDiabetes option and save the change with the confirm button.

Once linked we will need a code to link the app.

To do this we will have to go back to Partner Connections, now a new column will appear with SocialDiabetes as Partner inside the table. In this column we will go to the View icon 👁 .

Once we have the code, we open SocialDiabetes, in the side menu and select Connect your Device. Select Continuous Meters and click on the link GlucoMenDay CGM button and enter the code.

It may take a few minutes for the new option to appear while connecting and downloading for the first time.

Enjoy your data and don’t let anyone decide who has control over it!


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