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Currently, adherence to insulin therapy can be one of the most difficult aspects of diabetes treatment due to multiple factors, mainly forgetfulness. A simple approach that facilitates and motivates patients to improve compliance with their daily injection program will have a direct impact on better short- and long-term glucose control, and with it, a better quality of life and prevention of associated complications. to diabetes.

Insulin… have I already applied it?

Using insulin, it has happened to all of us one or several times to forget if we have already applied insulin or not, having the serious risk of duplicating the application, omitting it completely or waiting a few hours for the glucose levels to tell us if we did put the insulin or not. Especially for people starting insulin therapy, forgetfulness or confusion about their insulin application may be more common.

We know the implications this has on our glycemic control, since missing or doubling a dose can lead to hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic excursions.

Smart pens adding value

Insulcheck is a device that attaches to the insulin pen / pen and displays the exact time of the last time the pen was used for the insulin injection, thus avoiding oversights or double injections. Once properly connected to the insulin pen, it automatically detects an injection and resets the timer immediately after application.

Insulcheck is compatible with most insulin pens / pens, whether refillable or disposable, is easy to use, has a large display and appropriately sized figures, does not interfere with routine or injection method, and only requires a long-lasting disposable battery.

Social Diabetes Integration – Insulcheck

At SocialDiabetes we have integrated InsulCheck CONNECT with our app and add one more tool that contributes to improving and facilitating diabetes management, which is the reason for our vocation.

Once InsulCheck CONNECT is connected to SocialDiabetes via Bluetooth, the information generated by the pen device is automatically collected, so that injection history can be viewed on the SocialDiabetes screen. And like all the data entered in the app, these will also be visible to the healthcare professional of the virtual clinic with which the patient is connected.

To connect InsulCheck CONNECT with SocialDiabetes you just have to go to the main menu, go to the “Connect your device” section and select the “Smart Pens” section, select if it is for basal or bolus insulin (fast) and make the link having previously I activate the mobile’s Bluetooth and entering the code that appears on the InsulCheck screen.

Every time you give an insulin injection with the InsulCheck pen, SocialDiabetes will open on the new control screen asking if you want to record the insulin dose, once registered you will be able to see the application history in the log in the same way as any other control.

In addition to the insulin injection record, SocialDiabetes receives other notifications related to the status of the insulin pen / pen, such as notifying the user if the device has been exposed to high or low temperatures, which you can see in more detail in the following manual of user.

With this integration we can make it easier for patients who use insulin pens to adhere to insulin therapy, giving patients greater freedom and control. Thus both patient and physician can record and view behavioral data on treatment to improve diabetes management.

Said in the words of Dr. Dean Minnock, CEO, Zed Innovation «Now that our InsulCheck CONNECT technology is integrated with the SocialDiabetes Platform, we can empower existing platform users and attract new users to embrace this ecosystem of health care system. data closed with the aim of improving adherence and treatment of diabetes ».

Remember that adding this technology provides one more tool that facilitates and automates the management of your diabetes, but it does not replace the self-care actions that you practice every day and of course it does not replace the treatment recommendations of your healthcare professionals.


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