How To Connect With Your HCP


SocialDiabetes is more than an app. We are a telemedicine platform through which healthcare professionals can monitor their patients, remotely configure their bolus calculator and communicate directly through video calls.

Activating the Doctor-Patient Connection

The process is started by the healthcare professional and finished by the patient in the app


0. The patient is already a user of the SocialDiabetes app

If this is not the case, simply download our App and complete the registration process.

1. Register in SocialDiabetes

As a first step, the healthcare professional must access the SocialDiabetes website and register as a professional.

Once logged in, the next step is to access the Patients Connection tab. Here is the QR code that will link the registered professional to a particular patient.

If the patient and the healthcare professional are in the same room, during the medical consultation for example, then the following step will complete the process:

  • The patient just needs to open the SocialDiabetes App, go to the main menu
  • “Connect with your healthcare professional” option > CONNECT
  • Scan the QR code of the healthcare professional and that’s it!

The healthcare professional can also download the code and send it via email, or print it and save it until the patient has an appointment and can complete the process.

2. Important Information

The data and access are controlled by the patient, who can unlink their healthcare professional via the app whenever they consider it necessary.

With SocialDiabetes, our users control when and how they share their data at all times.


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