How To Connect With Your HCP


SocialDiabetes is the solution for diabetes care. Through our App and Medical Platform, we bring patients and healthcare professionals closer together to guarantee better treatment based on digital health and improve the quality of life of people with diabetes.


  • The patient must have downloaded SocialDiabetes App on his phone or device.
  • The health professional must be registered as a Medical Center in the SocialDiabetes Medical Platform or be part of a Center Team.

Healthcare Professionals

Enter in, click on Sign In and enter your account with your username and password.

Once in your panel, access to My Account by clicking on your photo above on the right, then, select Center.

In Center you will see a QR Code to share with your patients, if you are in the office, your patient can scan it with your phone directly, if not, you can download the code and send it by mail, or print it.

Connect with your healthcare profesional. SocialDiabetes


To connect with your medical center, you must first ask for to your healthcare professional about the QR Code that will help you link your account.

Once you have the QR Code, enter in SocialDiabetes App, click on the Main Menu, located in the upper left corner with three dashes, choose My medical center, you will see a Connect button, click on it, if it’s the first time, you will have to accept the permissions for SocialDiabetes to access the camera of your device, and then, read the QR code.

connect with Medical Platform. SocialDiabetes

After scanning the QR Code provided by your Medical Center, a screen will appear with the message “You are connected to XXX” and the name of your center. And you are already connected to your center!

After scanning the QR code

From this moment, the logs that the patient makes in their SocialDiabetes app accounts, may be seen by the healthcare professional in the Medical Platform, who may also contact the patient by chat or video call, to talk about adjustments in the treatment or comment on the results.

As a patient, you can choose to disconnect from the Medical Center when you consider it, your data belongs to you completely.

If you have problems in the connection between Medical Platform and App, write to so we can help you.

Have you tried SocialDiabetes yet? Download it for free here:

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