SOCIALDIABETES IN A HOSPITAL SETTING, Clinical impact and Efficiency in management

Digital health and mobile technology have transformed many aspects of clinical practice and it is expected that it will continue to expand a patient-centered approach to dealing with chronic diseases.

In the case of diabetes mellitus (DM), the data suggest that mobile-based interventions and the availability of digital and real-time data by professionals can improve disease management and promote positive behavior changes.

The SocialDiabetes digital platform allows patients a detailed record of key data for diabetes self-care such as glucose controls, diet and physical activity; medication management, automatic insulin bolus calculation, graphs, trends, reminders …

It allows healthcare personnel to have patient data in real time, in a single universal “dashboard”, regardless of the origin of the data, to make modifications to medical treatment remotely, to give instructions on diet and exercise; as well as being able to make remote consultations by video-call and maintain constant communication with the patient through an integrated chat.

Our platform was born with a universal, open and flexible integration logic, which facilitates interoperability and the integration of data in the medical record.

SocialDiabetes is used in various hospitals in the country, including the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona and the Hospital Universitario de Navarra. We have taken these cases to analyze the clinical impact on patients as well as improvements in hospital management.

We then show the impact based on real data from a universe of 763 patients (405 T1, 358 T2) and 23 health professionals who are using SocialDiabetes in their clinical practice, for a period greater than one year.


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