Pilot project with Sant Joan de Déu Hospital


Sant Joan de Déu Hospital is a university hospital specialized in pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics and is one of the most important mother-infant centres in Europe. It has a leading Centre for Innovation in Childhood Diabetes, whereby diabetes is researched and treated using a three-pronged approach: research, excellent pediatric care and raising awareness.

The relationship between SocialDiabetes and Sant Joan de Déu Hospital goes back to our beginnings. As a leading institution, committed to innovation, new technologies and excellent service, we were always warmly welcomed by professionals in the Diabetes unit.

The Diabetes Unit at Sant Joan de Déu hospital is recognized as a leading European centre for pediatric diabetes. That is why the pilot project that we are implementing in this hospital is of such importance for SocialDiabetes.

The challenge of this project is the implementation of SocialDiabetes as a tool for monitoring those with diabetes in the hospital, with the aim of customising the treatment and control of diabetes. The tool can be used on both tablets and mobile phones and is aimed at patients and healthcare professionals, enabling the improved management and control of diabetes.

In particular, the project aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Adapt and implement SocialDiabetes as a tool for improving healthcare and the efficient use of healthcare resources.
  2. Use SocialDiabetes as a smart logbook for patients of the centre.
  3. Improve community participation, patient registration and the implementation of support tools for the decision making process of healthcare professionals, in order to anticipate, satisfy and monitor patient needs.
  4. Involve family members in the continuous and digital monitoring process of those (children and adolescents in this case) affected by diabetes.
  5. Analyze the results and share them with the extended community in order to give visibility to the application of new technologies in healthcare and its resulting benefits

In an environment where resources are limited, it is essential to enhance the capacity for developing a suitable level of autonomy in patients and at the same time reinforce the centre’s interventions in those that are not able to achieve this. Develop a working model of supervised autonomy that generates economic, clinical and social benefits.


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