LogMeal & SocialDiabetes launch a tool based on artificial intelligence that allows people with diabetes to read the nutritional value of their food from their mobile


Diabetes (a chronic disease that affects more than 6 million people in Spain) conditions people’s lives and their daily habits. Patients have to continuously check their blood sugar, eat healthily, exercise regularly, and follow the pharmacological treatment, which in the most severe cases involves injecting insulin daily.

Improving the quality of life of these patients requires a systemic approach, but one of the most determining factors in controlling their disease is the intake and type of diet.

LogMeal applies artificial intelligence to the recognition, detection and analysis of the nutritional information of the different dishes throughout the day and not only of unprocessed products (eg fruit) or industrial products (eg yogurt) but also cooked and prepared dishes thanks to to more than 10 years of research and development.

Through this alliance with SocialDiabetes, all this information will now be integrated into the self-management APP so that just by taking a photo, it helps people living with diabetes to make accurate decisions about meals by facilitating the counting of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Thanks to this meal image recognition system, patients will be able to:

  • Easily enter (photograph from the mobile itself), objectively and digitized the real intake they make in their day to day;
  • Personalize your eating habits;
  • Immediately obtain the nutritional information of your plate even if you have several foods;
  • See all the nutritional information (carbohydrates, glycemic index, food groups, up to 32 macro and micro nutrients) by food, intake, daily, weekly and monthly.

The SocialDiabetes platform allows health professionals to remotely monitor patients, remotely adjust therapy parameters, communicate with them online (chat and videoconference) and view all the information of all patients in one place, thanks the universal connectivity of the system.

The APP for patients, which already has more than 90,000 users in Spain, synchronizes data from any glucose measurement device and other clinical parameters and allows people with diabetes to obtain total control of their condition and take care of themselves safely and autonomously.

In this context, SocialDiabetes faces its next phase, taking advantage of years of experience and accumulated data to implement features based on Artificial Intelligence with the aim of anticipating complications, personalizing treatment and helping both patients and professionals make decision.

The alliance with LogMeal to integrate its food image recognition algorithms is aligned with this company strategy. Stay tuned for networks and updates of the APP to have the new versions

LogMeal is a spin-off of the University of Barcelona that has developed food image recognition algorithms from different countries to improve the monitoring of intakes and the management of patient nutrition, helping to improve their health. According to Eric Verdaguer CEO of LogMeal “Nutritional studies show that we forget 30% of the intake of our meals and many times we don’t know the ingredients of all the dishes. The agreement with SocialDiabetes is an example of how artificial intelligence objectively improves, digitized and in real time, the usability and health of patients with diabetes. At LogMeal we work so that our food recognition algorithms can be easily and quickly integrated with any existing APP, web or software”.

Similarly, declared the General Director of SocialDiabetes, “In the management of Diabetes, lifestyle habits are fundamental, they are part of the treatment. We needed to incorporate tools into the system that would allow users to know the nutritional composition of the food they eat and combine it with the treatment algorithms that already exist in SocialDiabetes, such as the calculation of insulin. With this new functionality, we will also help professionals make therapeutic decisions to guide patients in the continuous and personalized improvement of their diet.It is a great qualitative leap in the benefits that we offer our users and the health system”.


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