How to Set Up Your Bolus Calculator


The SocialDiabetes SmartBolusCalculator is a key element of our app, created to recommend the best insulin dose at all times, as well as to correct increased glucose levels.

Once you have completed the setup, each new log of your glucose readings will generate an automatic insulin recommendation based on:

  • Your blood glucose level.
  • The carbohydrates that you are about to eat.
  • Your sensibility factor, ratio, and blood glucose target, personalized by you for each time slot.

These are the elements that we are going to explain below in order to help you setup your SmartBolusCalculator.

Are you ready? It’s easy! 🙂

Setting Up the SmartBolusCalculator

On your main menu select “Bolus Calculator”. Activate the option and start setting it up.

If you have the guidelines given by your healthcare professional, have on hand the blood glucose target, insulin sensibility factor (ISF), the ratio insulin-carbs and the amount of carbs that you normally have on each meal. If you don’t have them don’t worry, we will calculate them for you.

(*) Important! We only save the information once. You need to reach the end of the setup process and click SAVE on the summary screen so that the Bolus Calculator is configured correctly.

There are 5 steps to complete the setup… Let’s get started!


If you answered NO to the initial question, you have to introduce the daily insulin total and ad your date of birth. This information will help us to calculate your ISF and Ratio later on.

Then choose the rapid and slow acting insulin that you use and its approximate duration. The duration of rapid-acting insulin is usually 4 hours and that of long insulin is usually 24 hours.

Blood Glucose Target

Enter your targets following your guidelines are given by your Healthcare Professional. If your target changes throughout the day, you can configure each time slot individually, editing each row by displaying more options.

Insulin Sensitivity Factor

Specify the reducing effect that a unit of insulin has on your blood glucose level. If you indicated before not having this information you will see that we have calculated for you. Remember to check this information with your healthcare professional.

Insulin/Carbs Ratio

Enter the Ratio insulin units according to your health care professional’s guidelines. If you indicated before not having this information you will see that we have calculated for you. Remember to check this information with your healthcare professional.

Carbs or Meal Regimen

What is this exactly? Your Healthcare Professional probably recommended an amount of carbohydrates for each meal of the day. Once you configure this regimen, each time you log a new reading, SocialDiabetes will preload the amount of carbohydrates without you needing to do anything else. If you have a regular diet, your insulin recommendation will be automatic!

What happens if you are going to eat a double pizza and you know you are going to eat more carbs? No problem. Every time you log a reading, you can edit this field and enter a different amount manually.

On this same screen, you must confirm at what time of the day you use your slow acting insulin. Whether you use it during the day or at night, or even twice a day, this is the screen on which to save this very important bit of information.

Finally, you can also set alarms so the app will let you know if you have forgotten to check your glucose levels.

Summary Screen

Please review the information entered and check that you have entered the correct data. You can always go back and edit or correct the values entered.

(*) Warning! Remember that we only save the data once. You must reach the end and click SAVE on the summary screen so that the Calculator is set up correctly.



Be honest when entering the information. It is essential to ensure that the application works correctly. As a user, you are always responsible for checking the information entered.

Limited use

The Bolus Calculator is not currently available in the US. On an individual level, this function should not be used by those that do not have sufficient knowledge of handling their diabetes and/or who have difficulty using a mobile phone.


If you are unsure about the information to be entered, please consult your healthcare professional.

If you have any queries on technical issues, please contact us at

¿Do you want to know more about how to give the best use of SocialDiabetes for managing your diabetes? Check out: Make the most from your Bolus Calculator.


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