How to integrate your meter


SocialDiabetes connects to a wide variety of glucometers. Although each glucometer has its own integration process, we have summarised the general steps that must be followed to connect glucometers to SocialDiabetes:


1. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

In ‘Settings’ > Bluetooth > Activate Bluetooth. 

2. Activate Bluetooth on your glucometer.

3. Open SocialDiabetes.

On the left vertical menu, select ‘Connect your Device’.

Choose your glucometer from the list. Click on ‘Connect’ and wait a few seconds.

If, during the connection process, the App requests a code, check the screen of your glucometer and insert the code into the mobile phone. 

4. Connection complete!


FreeStyle Libre Connection

We also connect with FreeStyle Libre

1. If you haven’t done it already, install Abbot’s LibreLink App.

Register as a user on LibreLink and create an account. 

2. Open SocialDiabetes. 

On the left vertical menu, select ‘Connect your Device’.

Choose the ‘Freestyle Libre’ option from the list and start the connection process.

Access with your LibreLink account > accept our request to access your information.


Glucometers and other supported devices (July 2018)


NFC Bluetooth Flash Monitoring
Menarini Roche Ascensia Diabetes Care Caresens AgaMatrix Abbott
GlucoMen areo 2k (Android only) GlucoCard SM Accu-Chek Aviva Connect Accu-Chek Guide Contour Next ONE CareSens Dua AgaMatrix Jazz FreeStyle Libre


If your glucometer is not on the list, you have questions or problems synchronising your device with the app, get in touch with us at 


(*) Remember that if you do not have a glucometer with Bluetooth or NFC technology, you can register your controls manually and keep them always on hand in your mobile.




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2 Responses
  1. Bernard Moreau


    I have succesfully integrated my Freestyle Libre with Social Diabetes.

    In the top of the Home Screen the Glucose measures that I enter manually appear and the also transfert to my HealthKit app on my iphone.

    However the measurements from my Freestyle Libre do not appear there (but lower down in the Home Screen in a section labelled “Freestyle Libre” – they therefor also do not get transfered to my HealthKit.

    Is this the normal behaviour of the software ? Or do I get something wrong ?

    Thanks in advance,

    Bernard Moreau

    1. SocialDiabetes

      Hello Bernard,

      With the FreeStyle connection, you should see your glucose graphics on the Home Screen. On the other hand, we can not transfer data to the from FreeStyle Libre to HealthKit, because it is not our own data.

      If you have more questions, you can write us at


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