Axenya and SocialDiabetes sign a collaboration agreement to test and launch Digital Health Software in Latin-America


Barcelona, 1st April , 2020 , SocialDiabetes the leading digital solution for diabetes management,​ ​announces that it has signed a collaboration agreement with AXENYA , a Latin-America digital health​ ​platform company.​

Technology has created an enormous value for innovation across the health care industry and Digital​ ​Health is one of the most exciting opportunities in the healthcare market globally, with enormous potential​ ​in the Latin American markets.

Axenya is a Latin American digital health ecosystem aggregator with a mission to empower Latin-America’s​ ​doctors and patients to plug into the future of medicine. Their experience and commercial strengths,​ ​enables digital players to overcome critical mass issues, local presence, local knowledge and integration​ ​barriers

“I am excited to start this new collaboration. Given the critical situation that we are living as a society, it’s​ ​imperative that we take good care of all the people that have diabetes and that are at high risk under this​ ​virus. Our platform can drastically positive impact in managing these risks, avoiding unnecessary contacts​ ​and decongest the system, as much as possible.” said Maria Jesus Salido, CEO of Social Diabetes,​ ​ ​Axenya and its world-class team are the perfect partner for us as we expand beyond our home countries​ ​and into one of the most promising markets in the world.”

Diabetes has become one of the top causes of death and premature disability in less than half a century​ ​in Latin America. Two of the countries with a higher number of affected subjects are located in the region​ ​(Brazil and Mexico). Prevalence of the disease is more than 10 % in Latin American countries. Digital​ ​health solutions have demonstrated significant clinical outcomes in numerous studies for patients with​ ​diabetes, significantly improving control and quality of life.

“We are thrilled to initiate this agreement with Social Diabetes”, said Axenya’s CEO, Mariano Garcia-​​Valiño. “In the near future we will see a strong growth in the use of telemedicine and self-monitoring​ ​tools, as a way to safely treat and monitor patients and Social Diabetes is a world-class player, with​ ​European and FDA certification. It represents the type of high-quality technology we want to bring to the​ ​region”.

The companies will not disclose further plans at the moment.


Axenya is a digital health startup company dedicated to empowering Latin American doctors​ ​and patients to plug into the future of medicine. The company will remain in stealth mode for​ ​the immediate future.


SocialDiabetes is a complete solution for diabetes care with more than 200.000 registered users that strives​ ​to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes and optimize outcomes for patients and healthcare​ ​professionals. A company of patients working for patients, Social Diabetes provides a system that​ ​synchronizes with multiple devices and provides relevant information for decision making in one place.

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