Meeting our Team: Esteve Maruri


Meeting our Team: Esteve Maruri

SocialDiabetes is a young and growing company. We value our talents and the team that we have been able to put together in just 4 months. To show how proud we are of everyone working with us, we kick off this section of our blog introducing each team member, passionate techies committed to delivering a tool that improves the quality of life of people with diabetes everywhere.

Shall we begin?

The first person we are introducing is responsible for ensuring that all the gears of our product work correctly, that both our website and the SocialDiabetes Apps are always up and running, providing the best service to our users!

Esteve Maruri  

Name: Esteve Maruri
Age: 40
Role in SocialDiabetes: Lead Web Developer
Sign: Leo
Hobbies: Coding. Playing. Playing music. Netflixing. Walking. Petting my cat.
Describe yourself in a Tweet: “I don”t plan to put away the toys.”


SD: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get to know you a little better, Esteve! What did you do before joining SocialDiabetes?

Esteve: I used to work in web development web applications and teaching programming classes, web project management and agile methodologies.

SD: And what about your current job, what does it consist of? What are your tasks and goals?

Esteve: In general, analysis and programming. My main task right now is to manage a couple of internal and external projects, oversee their execution and to lead the introduction ofa new methodology at work. My main goals are to carry out the projects we have in our hands in the best way possible and to generate new improvements for our end users.

SD: It seems super interesting! And why did you decide to start working at SocialDiabetes?

Esteve: I’ve always wanted to help others. Being a teacher, one is able to share knowledge and experiences, and working in SocialDiabetes I have the opportunity to apply what I have lived and learned to improve the lives of patients. It”s definitely something that drives me to work for this company.

SD: Let”s now jump to something more trivial. What is your favorite song?

Esteve: Hard to answer … I’ve picked one randomly from the top20 “more listened” according to my profile: Gut Feeling from Devo.

SD: Rock, cool! You mentioned that your favorite hobbies are watching movies and series (Netflix ❤). What are you watching right now? And what series has impacted you somehow?

Esteve: Stranger Things is the most recent one. Designated Survivor. The punisher. The ones that caused a big impact in my life would be The Wire, Breaking Bad, Deadwood, Flight of the Conchords, and IT Crowd.

SD: What is your favorite movie?

Esteve: Hmm… Gorillas in the Mist made a deep impression in me. Requiem For a Dream and Schindler”s List too.

SD: Thank you Esteve for your time and for the fantastic job you’re doing at SocialDiabetes!

Do you want to know more about the people who create all the magic behind the scenes? Stay tuned to the next chapters of the series “Meeting our team”!

If you want to know more about SocialDiabetes and start managing your diabetes with your smartphone today, download our app for Android and for iOS!


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